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What We Do

Christmas Trees

Why fix something that's not broken? This old river basin is perfect for growing Fraser Firs - the Cadilac of Christmas Trees. Since 2013 we have planted over 30,000 trees...all of them just waiting for the honor of a place in your home or business!


Weather you want to hang a small wreath in every window, place one on your front door, or hang a six footer on your garage/business, we can help! Calling us early insures you get exactly what you are looking for. Order by phone starting November 1st or you can choose from our selection at the farm every weekend after Thanksgiving until Christmas.
Gift Shop

Gift Shop

We re-vamped our gift shop in 2018, giving us more room to display our favorite decorations for the season. Stop by and grab a quick gift for your those in your life, we know they'll love it.


We've got all you need to warm up after your Christmas Tree hunt, from hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn, donuts, and coffee, to free hot mulled cider and hot cocoa, we've got a little something for everybody.

About Us

Our Family

We have been making memories at Bean Station Tree Farm since we started coming here to get our Christmas Tree in 2004. After taking the reigns in 2014, our mission is to provide you and your family with the same warm, welcoming environment to make Christmas memories we used to love as customers . Since then, we’ve planted over 20,000 trees in an effort to keep up with demand.

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Our Hours

Below are our hours. We are open Saturdays and Sundays, following Thanksgiving, from 4 p.m. If that does not work for you, please reach out to us and schedule an appointment to come pick up your tree!

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